Stancill's Wild Game Processing | Process your venison (deer meat), bear, and wild boar into fresh cuts including burger, sausage, cube steak, etc in Ayden NC. Serving nearby cities (Eastern NC – Greenville, Winterville, Washington, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Wilmington, Rocky Mount – as well as other towns across the US)

We are back up and running taking whole and quartered deer.

Drop-off Policy

How we take in deer meat

Meat must always be fresh, clean, and never soaked in anything. It is best to put in a cooler with ice and pull the drain plug so that it does not get water logged. We reserve the right to refuse any meat that is not perceived to be fresh or clean within reason.

Whole Deer

For local hunters you can drop your whole deer off as soon as you finish your hunt. It doesn’t get any more convenient than this! You can go home and have a shower and supper while we take care of the dirty work! We will process your choice of a basic package at no additional cost, however if you want to include fresh sausage, bacon burger, or any smoked products we can take care of that as well.

Quartered Options

For those more economically minded – You can choose to bring your deer meat in already dressed out in coolers. The meat will be weighed in (drop off weight). All options in the basic package are included at no additional costs, however as in the whole deer option, you are more than welcome to include fresh sausages, bacon burger, or smoked products at additional costs.

Frozen/Shipped Meat

Always call ahead and we will walk you through the shipping process for frozen meat. It is recommended that you always plan to ship on Mondays. Frozen meat will be stored and processed at the end of each season.