Stancill's Wild Game Processing | Process your venison (deer meat), bear, and wild boar into fresh cuts including burger, sausage, cube steak, etc in Ayden NC. Serving nearby cities (Eastern NC – Greenville, Winterville, Washington, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Wilmington, Rocky Mount – as well as other towns across the US)

We are back up and running taking whole and quartered deer.


We offer a wide variety of fresh meats, including burger, sausages, county style (cube) steak, stew, grilling steaks, roasts, and sliced jerky/stir fry strips. We will also clean and prepare your back straps and tenderloins. As far as the burger goes, you can choose from our standard burger which has 12% fat, bacon burger which has 30% bacon and a steak/onion seasoning mix, or grilling burger which has a higher percentage of fat ground in the meat for a heartier burger fit for the grill, fresh sausages in both pattie or link offered in your choice of mild, medium or hot seasonings.

Prices for fresh meat are as follows:

WHOLE DEER: $130.00 for any size deer – The bigger the deer, the better your deal.

QUARTERED: $1.82 per pound (drop off weight).

The basic package is included in the above prices.